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eManna, what is it? Manna actually means “what is it?” in Hebrew. It was bread from heaven that sustained and transformed the Israelites while they journeyed through the wilderness more than 3000 years ago. Manna was small, round, and pearly white in appearance coming every day as fresh as the morning dew. The taste was that of a wafer with honey and fresh oil. It was eaten and enjoyed every day for 40 years until the children of Israel entered to possess the “good land.”

Today, the living Word of God is our manna. The Bible reveals God, Christ, man, the past and the future, but above all the Bible conveys the very life and Spirit of God. When we open ourselves to its speaking and revelation, it is the seed of life that enlivens, refreshes, strengthens and transforms our inward being.

eManna delivers the Word of God as the bread of life daily via email. With a few verses from the Bible and a short word of ministry, it will nourish you and strengthen your faith. This is a free service.

eManna is published by Living Stream Ministry as a service to all of God's people, the Body of Christ. Our offices are located in Anaheim, California, with support being provided by believers throughout the United States. We regard all believers as members of the one universal Body of Christ. Without regard to affiliations, our burden is to distribute the riches of the Word according to God's New Testament ministry. eManna began in September 1996.