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May 26, 2021

The Teaching of the Apostles (2)

1 Tim 1:3 Even as I exhorted you, when I was going into Macedonia, to remain in Ephesus in order that you might charge certain ones not to teach different things (4) Nor to give heed to myths and unending genealogies, which produce questionings rather than God's economy, which is in faith.

[Part 2 of 2] We have seen that the new believers continued steadfastly in the teaching of the apostles. The only proper teaching in the New Testament is the apostles' teaching. Any teaching other than the apostles' teaching is not scriptural or orthodox. The orthodox teaching is that of the apostles recorded in the twenty-seven books of the New Testament from Matthew through Revelation. To teach differently is to teach differently from the teaching of the apostles. If we have different teachings, we shall be divided into different groups. But if we have only the teaching of the apostles, we shall be one. To teach different things was to teach myths, unending genealogies, and the law (vv. 7-8). All such teaching was vain talking, differing from the apostles' teaching, which was centered on Christ and the church, that is, on the economy of God. Paul's Epistles are the completion of the divine revelation concerning God's eternal purpose and economy (Col. 1:25). His ministry completes the revelation concerning the all-inclusive Christ and His universal Body, the church as His fullness to express Him. The different teachings and the heresies in [1 Tim.] 4:1-3 are the seed, the source, of the church's decline, degradation, and deterioration dealt with in 2 Timothy.

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