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November 14, 2021

The Proving of Your Faith through Various Trials

1Pet 1:6 In which time you exult, though for a little while at present, if it must be, you have been made sorrowful by various trials, 7 So that the proving of your faith, much more precious than of gold which perishes though it is proved by fire, may be found unto praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

In this verse [v. 7] Peter gives the reason we are put into trials [v. 6]. We are put into trials because our faith needs to be tested, proved. It is the proving, the testing, of our faith, not our faith itself, that may be found unto praise. The emphasis here is not on our faith; the emphasis is on the proving of our faith by the trials through sufferings. This may be compared to an examination in school related to a student's study. A good student will actually welcome the opportunity to be examined. An examination will prove how thoroughly he has studied and how much he knows concerning the material on which he is being tested. Without examinations, a superior student would never be proved to be outstanding. A student who studies diligently may look forward to an examination because it will prove, both to the student himself and to others, that he is an excellent student. This is an illustration of what Peter means by the proving of our faith. In verse 7 Peter says that the proving of our faith is "much more precious than of gold which perishes and is proved by fire." The words "much more precious than of gold...by fire" do not modify faith; they modify the proving. This means that the proving of our faith is much more precious than the proving of gold. The comparison here is not that between faith and gold. The comparison here is that between the proving of our faith and the proving of gold. Gold is proved by the purifying fire. In like manner, our faith is proved by trial. This proving is certainly more precious than the proving of gold. (c) 2007 Living Stream Ministry.

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