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November 19, 2022

Loving Other Believers

John 15:12 This is My commandment, that you love one another even as I have loved you. (17) These things I command you that you may love one another. 1 John 3:14 We know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brothers. He who does not love abides in death.

We are not branches of many separate trees; we are all branches of the same tree [Christ] . So we need to maintain a good fellowship with all the other branches as well as with the tree. If we do not love one another, it will be very difficult to bear fruit. If we do not love one another, it means that our fellowship with the vine tree has been cut off. In order to bear fruit we must love one another. The life within all of us is one life. The life in you is exactly the same as the life in me. This resembles the circulation of the blood in our physical body. The blood in our body circulates through every member of our body. In like manner, the inner life of all the branches is one. This life should continually circulate through all the branches. Then all the branches will be so living and filled with the riches of life in order to bear fruit. We must keep our relationship in love and love one another by the life that is in us. This life is the Lord Himself. Loving one another is the church life, the Body life. The Body life is a life of love and a life in love. We should not love one another with a human love but in the divine life and with the divine love... Although the branches are many, they are one. They are one with the vine and with one another.

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