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March 27, 2023

Not Receiving Others Based on Our Own Preferences

Rom 14:1 Now him who is weak in faith receive.... (13) Therefore let us judge one another no longer, but rather judge this: not to put a stumbling block or cause of falling before your brother. 15:7 Therefore receive one another, as Christ also received you to the glory of God.

We must receive the saints according to God's receiving of them. Whomever God has received, we are compelled to receive. We have no choice. Consider a family with many children. Some of the children are good and the others bad; some are sweet and the others naughty. Perhaps in such a large family some of the children may not be happy with all of their brothers and sisters. However, the children must realize that it does not rest with them to determine who their brothers and sisters will be. That depends upon the parents. If one of the children in this family thinks that his brother is ugly and complains against him, his complaint should not be directed against his brother, but against his parents who brought him forth. Our heavenly Father has brought forth many children, many Christians, and He has received them all. Therefore, we also must receive them, not according to our tastes or preferences, but according to God's receiving. However, most of the receiving of the believers in Christianity is not according to God's receiving, but according to doctrinal concepts. It would take us months to cover all the differing doctrinal concepts, such as eternal security, predestination, free will, rapture, etc. Even the teaching of head covering has caused some divisions. I know of one group that insists upon a white head covering, not permitting any other color. Even this little thing has caused division. [continued tomorrow]

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