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March 30, 2023

The All-Inclusive Christ for His Body

Rom 15:12 And again, Isaiah says, "There shall be the root of Jesse, even He who rises to rule the Gentiles; on Him will the Gentiles hope."

Here we see the all-inclusiveness of Christ. He is the root of Jesse, meaning that He is the supply for the Jewish people. According to Romans 11, His being the root means that He is the source and supply for the Jews. In the future this root of Jesse will arise to rule over all the Gentile nations. Thus, He supplies the Jews and overshadows the nations. By being the root to the Jewish people and by being the overshadowing One, the ruler, over the nations, He brings together the Jews and the nations and makes them one....Christ embraces both the Jews and the Gentiles. By being the root of the Jews and the overshadowing One of the nations, Christ embraces both peoples and brings them together for one Body, for one new man, the church. Christ is all-inclusive and all-embracing. Since Christ is such an all-embracing One, bringing together the Jews and the Gentiles, we must receive all different believers according to this Christ. Never say, "This is an American, that is a Britisher, that is a German, that is a Japanese, that is a Filipino, and that is a Korean. I cannot accept so many different people." Consider Christ who is the root of one people and is the ruler, the overshadowing One, over another people. He is all-inclusive. In receiving the saints, we must likewise be all-embracing, receiving people from the East, West, South, and North. Whoever they are and whatever they are, we must embrace all believers together in one Body....This is...to receive the saints according to Christ.

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